YPC 2023

This year the Kring Young Professional challenge will continue in its extreme debate style. Are you under 35 and interested in costal flooding and erosion risk management? Then we want to hear your argument on…

The best way to deal with sea level rise in the North Sea and Baltic coastlines is for collaboration within the Kring member countries, to promote a mega-dam to control sea level and surge impacts.”

You could either argue this statement is correct to the point of being the only viable solution – or argue this would be terrible, the worst idea, and we should maintain as we are! – Or what else collaborating organisations in the Kring member countries could do?

Your argument should have sound engineering bases, but also consider a range of factors like Technical, Economical, Environmental, Social, Innovation, Financial, Sustainability – linking to UN Goals is always good!

But don’t limit yourself! For the purpose of this hypothetical debate, please do not consider any geo-political issues or ramifications of physically linking countries, these politics are not what the Kring is about. Also don’t get too hung-up on the exact location of the line of the dam in the images, it’s the concept of mega-dam you will be debating.

The judging panel will be a mix of experts in a range of subjects, so you must be sure your arguments aren’t too technical and are very persuasive. So not just the technical solutions will be valued, but also the way you tell the story, explain the situation, and persuade the public, will be scored. You don’t have to personally 100% believe in your argument, but your entry must be either fully for, or entirely against the statement, there’s no room for middle ground here!

What you need to do:

First up we want you to send us an opening statement which will clearly show which side you have taken and lay out your key points and ideas. This should be about 250-300 words, but the exact nature of this up to you! Make it a video blog, or a magazine article, remember you’re trying to persuade a range of experts including non-engineers! You need to submit your pitch by Monday 20th of March.

The experts will review them and  invite their favourite submissions to the live web debate on Wednesday 28th of March. This will be your opportunity to bring your arguments to life and be quizzed by our panel!

The two winners of the debate, as chosen by the expert panel; one arguing ‘for’, and one ‘against’, will get a free ticket to the next Kring meeting in Poland in September 2023.  All delegate fees (the conference, excursions, hotel, and food) will be covered, but travel costs to and from home are not included. This event is a great opportunity to meet a group of 80-100 experts in the field of coastal flood and erosion risk management / engineering in the broadest sense in a very unofficial and pleasant environment. So sign up and win!

If you want more information please email the Chair of the YPC daniel.magee@environment-agency.gov.uk and when you’re ready send your pitch to kring@hhnk.nl

KRING debate 2023