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Recordings finals Young Professionals Challenge 2021

For everyone who missed the YPF finals, watch the recordings below!


Are you a young professional or student?  Are you younger than 35? And are you interested in broadening your horizon? Getting to know everyone in the field of coastal engineering? Then this challenge is for you!

You or your team of 2 can win tickets to the Kring meeting in Hamburg in September. (transport costs are not included, but meals, excursions, hotels are.).

You can meet de challengers, or find your team mate at the meet and greet event on April 29. Please send us an email if you are interested, (using the registering form, or to our kring mail), then we will invite you personally.

Your idea should be sent in before May 10th . The 20th we will vote for the best idea. When you don't win, your idea will be received seriously as well and will be explored for further elaboration. More info might follow, so check out this site regularly!

A recorded video you can watch here;

Kring online Young Professionals Challenges 2021 - YouTube


You can choose between the following 4 challenges;

Challenge 1

Jo Murphy; Scoring goals – the sustainable way!






More information will be available as soon as you are registered.

Challenge 2

Jana Steenbergen - Levees on C02-free diet go vintage. Contribution of the flood protection projects to greener, sustainable future (circularity and CO2/Nox reduction) in practice.

Challenge 3

Tom den Ouden;  Measuring is reassuring ?! Reducing pipe risk through embankment monitoring.







Challenge 4

Deborah Campbell, Wout de Vries;  Improve our assets? Or Adapt our place?





The winning team (max 2 people) wins a free ticket to the very next Kring meeting in Hamburg, 19 – 21 September. All costs (excursions, hotel, food) will be covered, travel costs are not included. This even is a great opportunity to meet a group of 80-100 experts in de field of coastal engineering in the broadest sense in a very unofficial and pleasant way. So sign up and win!

If you don't win, we will contact you also, to work out your idea.

What you need to do is very simple; take some time to reflect on the challenges, come up with a nice idea and post it in pitch of 2 minutes before 10th of May CET 9:00 hr.  You will meet and greet the challengers, and possible participants on 29 April. You can find yourself a colleague who might team up with you.

If you think you would like to participate (which is of course the case!) please sign up and fill out our contact form.

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    YPC 2020

    The webinar of 2020 is not yet planned.... If you have any good suggestion of challenge; please send us an email!

    Ideas so far are;

    • adaptation pathways for climate change taking into account carbon emissions
    • extend the use of infrared camera's (CAT phone) to daily inspections

    Watch the recorded webinar of 8 July 2019 below




    Watch the pitches for the Young Professionals challenge 2019 below!

    Beach simulator

    Pitot Van Hall Larenstein


    Battle of the beach Environment Agency

    HKV Lieke Lokin

    Karel Zomer






    HKV Dad


    Short explanation for Tygron


    Recorded webinar Young professionals challenge 13 May

    Have you missed the webinar? Watch the recorded webinar below!


    Presentations Young professionals webinar 2019

    Submit your pitch

    You can upload your pitch for the challenge below. We can't wait to see your ideas!

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