What is the Kring?


The Netherlands are chair of ‘the Kring of coastal engineers’. This is a network of coastal engineers of the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Denmark, Poland, and since 2014, Sweden.

The Kring started in 1953 after a hazardous storm had hit our country leading to major floods. These floods urged us to cooperate between the many water agencies and water authorities in order to be able to respond efficiently on the flood events. Hence, the Kring was born. The last sixty years the Kring has expanded its members towards all specialist involved in coastal management in the countries around the North Sea and Poland.

Participants are still engineers, but also researchers, consultants and managers are joining the meeting.

The meetings take place in September and are organised in a changing environment; every country organises the meeting in turn, usually at a water agency. During the meetings we will visit sites of coastal defences, and we will exchange knowledge and experience during a three-day stay.

The Kring has started different international initiatives as the North Sea Coastal Managers Group, several EU projects as ComCoast and SafeCoast.