Kring 2020

KRING 2020: Hamburg, Germany

Dear Friends and members of the Kring,

With great pleasure we like to invite you to participate in the next Kring-meeting. We are delighted to welcome you all in our beautiful metropole in the north of Germany next September.

Hamburg is connected to the North Sea by the river Elbe. Storm surge protection has been deeply anchored/fixed in Hamburg’s consciousness since the disastrous flood event of 1962. We protect inhabitants and assets against storm surges by implementing a wide variety of technical concepts. The HafenCity dwelling mound, architecturally designed flood protection promenades and dikes are protection systems of highest standards.

The coastal protection concept is also integrated with inland water management systems such as fish passes and gates. During the meeting you will be able to see all of our concepts.

Further information regarding the program and registration will follow in some weeks. We look forward to meeting you in September!

On behalf of Agency of roads bridges and water Dr. Olaf Müller, Prof. Dr. Gabriele Gönnert, Michael Schaper, Clais von Mirbach, Sonja Peters, Jana Freimann and Adrian Röder

The organization team of the Kring 2020