Save the date Kring 2022 September 25th

Dearest member of the Kring,

Last week we met as Kring in Hamburg. A very well organized, a very interesting and a very enjoyable meeting in the bustling harbour of Hamburg. The bar has been set high for the next Kring organizing team!

Presentations and pics will follow on the website in the upcoming weeks.

Speaking of the next Kring; please save the date for the next meeting of 25-27 September 2022 in the south West of the Netherlands. The lead organizers are Carola van Gelder (RWS), Ludolph Wentholt and Petra Angelone (STOWA). Keep an eye on your email box and on the website for further information!

In the meantime we will get back to you in November for an online Kring with guest speakers on slr on tropical islands. In March we will organize a Young Professionals Challenge where we will be taught to debate on climate change or awareness topics. As engineers we successfully failed to get the message out. Maybe in this challenge we will find a way…

Thanks again Team LSBG Hamburg for the well-organized, very interesting and fun Kring of 2021!

Looking forward to seeing you at the online meetings and the live Kring of 2022 in the Netherlands.


Kind regards

Petra Goessen

Your chair of Kring