Kring in Hamburg 2021

Kring live in Hamburg!


Dear all,

With great pleasure we announce that this year's Kring will be live in Hamburg! After an absence of a year, we will be able to meet up again and exchange ideas and knowledge during our visits along the coast of Germany.  Our German team is organizing a very nice trip along interesting sites along the coast in and near Hamburg. They have gone to considerable lengths to adjust and readjust the program. I am so happy for their continuing enthusiasm and they made the Kring a success already!

It will be a very special event this time, as we have a maximum amount of attendees due to Covid rules. The good news is, we will have more time to discuss in-depth on all matters shown by our colleagues and to talk to everyone!

Perhaps the rules will be less strict by the end of September, and we can allow more kring members to attend; so if you did not register yet, and still would like to join the Kring, please contact us at the usual email address of Kring. We will put your name on the reserve list and get in touch by then.

I am very much looking forward to seeing you all again live in Hamburg on 19-21 September 2021!