Community of Fair collaborates with Kring

Asset managers of Fair will continue to meet each other on the Kring- Platform. During Kring meetings we will meet each other live, and regularly online. Check out the news on this website to stay updated or send us an email to keep involved.

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FAIR, Interreg VB North Sea Region Programme


Sint Elisabethsvloed

Check out this interactive site.

Water authorities have teamed up to design a 3D VR tour about the St Elisabeth floodings of 600 years ago. In Dutch..



Video of failure mechanisms of dikes


Examples of visualizations of sea level rise




Draft National Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy for England

For more information one can also find other links in this page:



In May 2017 the Dutch weather caused some high waves down the coastline and IJsselmeer. It was called a minitsunami by some. In the video's below you can watch some footage on what took place. Enjoy!


In our Kring evaluation of 2015 Petra asked around for volunteers to elaborate the safety philosophy of your country. A number of people offered to explain their point of view in this matter. The idea is that it's very interesting to exchange ideas and to discuss them during our Kring meeting of this year (2016). The countries who have made a film were asked to make a short introduction of their national policy and the practical solutions in a webcam based recording. Just a brief explanation. You can watch the different films by clicking on the links below: