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Update upcoming webinars 2022

Dear Coastal kring member,

Last December we announced a few upcoming webinars for 2022. Coming Monday March 21st 15.00-17.00 (CET) / 14.00-17.00(GMT) is the first. Topic of this webinar is Technical innovations for carbon reduction – Materials and methods. You can join by sending an e-mail to

But we can add  a very interesting webinar to the list for which you already received an invitation:

  • On the 2nd of June: Kring-Caribbean prospects of slr, nature and turism.

The Caribbean islands are already facing climate change challenges for turism, housing and nature.  As Europeans, we can learn a lot from their experiences on the islands. Colleagues from Curaçao, St Eustatius and Saba will lead us through their dilemma's, idea's and hopes for the future from different (most coastal flood risk) point of view.

Looking forward to seeing you all to this very special event! And of course coming Monday!

Petra Goessen

Chair of Kring