Newsletter Kring October 2020


  • Collecting good examples of construction works in Nature2000 areas in Kring countries.
  • Topics for next Kring-online and young professionals challenge; are you involved?
  • Former chair, Adrie Provoost retires; would you also like to drop a line?
  • ‘Help Callum’


Dear Kring-colleague,


How nice it was, seeing you all again during our online Kring meeting! We had some fruitful discussions of which I would like to share some with you today. And… I also would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Clais again for winning this absolute daring Pubquiz of 2020! Very well earned!

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Collecting good examples of construction works in Nature2000 areas in Kring countries

Many good examples exist of working in Nature2000 areas. However, in lots of situations we still encounter difficulties or apparent conflict of interest. To get a good overview we would like to hear your experiences and/or good examples of realigning supposedly different interests to a stronger collaboration. We will collect them and publish them on our website for everyone to use. Simply send me an email for further contacting!

Topics for next Kring-online and young professionals challenge

At a next online Kring meeting, possibly in February/March we can discuss Nature 2000 dilemmas of both sandy and marsh and discuss real time monitoring techniques.


This could be a very good start for a next young professionals challenge. In the last online Kring meeting we collected many challenges, of which I would suggest to only address 2 or 3 (the first 3 of the list below) of them in this round. Topics we have so far;


  • UN Sustainability Goals objectives and how these relate to flood and coastal risk management. Challenged by Ian Hodge and Deborah Campbell)
  • Sustainable constructions in terms of carbon emission and use of material (e.g. low cement concrete). Challenged by Jana Steenbergen
  • Microplastics in morphological modelling. Challenged by Gholamreza Shiravan
  • Salt marshes and biodiversity; maintenance and design
  • Use of digital twins and VR in asset management
  • Real time monitoring; which problem is not yet addressed? Which techniques do we miss? Challenged by Leontien Barends
  • Exploring en combing data in the international levee handbook with satellite data
  • Community resilience and awareness in times of flooding, adaptation pathways – Wout de Vries?
  • Resilience in infrastructural design, adaptation and long-term planning – Deborah Campbell?
  • getting youth involved in taking flooding’s seriously – Daniel Magee?
  • Hedwige Prosper polder- to be discussed later


I would very much like to hear your views on these topics or if you would like to be more involved. Just share your thought by mail!


Former chair of Kring Adrie Provoost retires; would you also like to drop a line?

Adrie Provoost has announced he will retire from the Kring. If you would like to share a memory, or just have some nice wishes for him; please take a photo of your – preferably handwritten -messages and I will make a collage for him. We will give him a proper goodbye live (with a few members only) soon, so I would like to ask you to send your message, photo or memory before 27 October. Thanks!


Help Callum!

A very interesting way of showing possible implications of flooding and a great instrument to increase awareness is this project of Callum.

Together with Lancaster University and the University of Hull the Environment Agency has developed a new flood awareness digital engagement tool. This immersive 360 video uses virtual scenes to give the viewer a child’s-eye view of flooding. Based on real testimony, Callum tells the story of how his family’s home was flooded one day, and the not-so-easy road to recovery that followed.


Callum had to deal with many challenges throughout the process – he wants to ask you; how will you help him?


Interesting to share and learn. If you have questions about the Callum project, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our British friends.

If you have similar examples, it would be nice to link to then from the Kring-website, please let us know and we will make it happen..


Looking forward to seeing you online in February/March, and in September in Hamburg!


Warm wishes, allerherzlichste Grüße, warme groeten, com carinho, med de bedste ønsker, pozdrawiam ciepło, hjärtliga hälsningar, mòran dhùrachdan cordial,

Petra Goessen
Chair of Kring of Coastal Engineers,
+31 6 20708311


Everyone invited for the online Kring meeting!

28 september 2020, 16:00 hrs

Dear Kring member,

Usually we would meet each other the last weekend of September for our 3 day Kring meeting. Due to all Covid-19 measures we will postpone our visit to Hamburg until next year. However…. This year we will meet each other for an online Kring-event where we can meet again with fellow coast passionates. There will be plenty of time to catch up with old friends, around a partly serious, partly casual program.

The invitation will follow shortly by Outlook.

Let everyone join in, ask all your colleagues; the number of guests is not limited this time!

I am sincerely looking forward to seeing you all online at the end of the month! Spread the word, save the date!

Petra Goessen

Kring 2021 in Germany

Dear Kring family member,

Our German hosts are going to organise a very nice Kring in…. 2021! I am very happy we can simply postpone the Kring a whole year to times where Corona has been completely defeated. Hopefully. And I am even happier that our German colleagues are willing to walk this extra mile to organise the kring again next year!
Further details will follow shortly, but please save the date for our meeting in Hamburg at 19-21 September 2021.

But a whole year whithout meeting you is so long, I would miss you too much… therefore we will organise an online event on
Monday 28 September 2020, 1500-1700 hrs (NL time).

In these 2 hours we will be able to watch a sneak preview or teaser about Hamburg, and a Pubquiz to challenge your specific knowledge of the Kring!
If you have any suggestions or wishes for this online event, please let me know!

For now I wish you all a very nice summer and I am truly looking forward to meeting you all at the upcoming Kring events.

Stay healthy en see you soon!

Petra Goessen